Category: Assignment 1: Character Design

Assignment 1: Character Creation


To design a character for use in a fantasy game. The design should present the character’s personality without explicitly stating it.


For starters, I decided that the character would be small and animal-like, since humanoid characters are quite common, and as a result of personal preference.

Final Product

Finchley Dyrgenwerth

Name: Finchley Dyrgenwerth
Occupation: Guildmaster

Height: 2″1′

Weight: 35kg

Class: Warlock

Guildmaster Finchley is a powerful spellcaster, head of Arcane Studies at the Abner Prentiss Memorial Adventurer’s Academy (or APAA for short). He is a Sprite, one of a mostly nomadic race, naturally attuned to environmental magic, especially those from their native regions.  They are short, but have strong tails, which they can use for holding objects and elevating themselves by balancing on them.

Finchley was raised on the road, as his parents were both travelling merchants. On their travels, Finchley observed adventurers using magic, and would always ask them to teach him. Eventually he mustered up the courage to ask his parents if he could study magic with a professional magic-user, and was eventually brought on as the apprentice of a noble magician in the town of Dyrgen. He studied for fifteen years, eventually setting off as an adventurer. After he finished with the adventuring life, he enrolled as a teacher at the Adventurer’s Academy, and eventually became a guildmaster.

Finchley has a reputation as a strict teacher, who touts magic above physical strength. Sometimes a student may ask him of his adventurers, and he will get lost for hours recollecting his stories, often taking up a large percentage of classes. Secretly he cares a lot for his students and their studies, despite how he may talk down to them on occasion or will act high and mighty.

A Sprite’s physiology is determined by their fur colouration, which is in turn informed by their lineage.. Each Sprite is attuned to certain environments. This can be seen in the size of their ears, their whiskers, their eyes, and most importantly, their fur. One can easily tell what type a Sprite is based on their fur colour; Desert Sprites are light brown, Forest Sprites are dark brown, Jungle Sprites are dark green, Mountain Sprites are dark grey, Tundra Sprites are pure white, and City Sprites have light grey fur. Finchley also has dark brown patches of fur because he is a half-breed of Desert and Forest Sprites. Their types also determine other aspects of their physiology, such as ear and whisker sizes. Desert sprites in particular have short, thin fur and whiskers, large due to natural selection, aiding them in the harsh desert environment.