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Assignment 1: Character Design

Our first assignment was to design a character for a multimedia franchise i.e. a franchise that exists in various mediums and platforms. We were tasked with presenting this character using a single image. Within the story this character belongs to, they would be forced to make a decision, and the image of that character would need to depict that decision.


Assignment 1 Developement

The character we went with, Tylan Dussault, is a freedom fighter who lives in the wastelands of a ruined world. In this world, large domed cities

In a future where the nature of Earth has turned for the worse, large domed cities have been built to protect humanity from the harsh elements of a planet neglected. But only the privileged live in these utopian cities, and those deemed lesser are left in the dust to fend for themselves. And naturally, they wish to fight back. An organisation of freedom fighters called the Wastelanders work to gain equality in these harsh times, by any means necessary.

Tylan Dussault is one of these freedom fighters. Since his childhood he has been a part of the organisation, working to sustain the lives and spirits of those outside the cities. He is deeply knowledgeable with firearms and can arm himself with practically any gun. His hand-to-hand combat skills are none too shabby either.

A few years prior he witnessed his entire village be destroyed by a military operation spearheaded by the cities, which has left him with a burning hatred for what the cities stand for. Leading the Wastelanders, he conducts numerous tasks to take them down as many pegs as possible until he can finally make an impact on the society that keeps him locked out. When he finally gains the power to make a difference, however, a burgeoning choice is left to him.

Revolt or Revenge?

Tylan Dussault Sketch