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Final Project Final Product and Evaluation

The goal of my project was to create a short 3D animated trailer for a game idea. The game in question was about two prison inmates (one human and one alien) working together to escape by way of fighting security and solving puzzles. The animation would highlight various gameplay elements using short clips of the main characters performing said elements. The trailer would have also included an original soundtrack that would have been synced to give the animation emphasis (the drum beat would match footsteps, for instance).

Due to poor time management, I started the project far too late to create an appropriate product. Cutting it down while keeping the quality was no longer an option, and it was far too late to change what the project would be. By the time I had considered what could be cut while still keeping to creating an animation, there was nothing that could be done to create a full product.

The character models were well made, and kept to the model sheets adequately. The form of each character was well defined and the polygon count was kept to a minimum, reducing the file size and making the rendering process quicker overall. As for the rigging, I had initially started with a custom

Overall the project was a failure. It was over ambitious, and I tried too many new things at once without giving myself enough time to experiment and get better acquainted with how everything worked. This experience has taught me that time management is the most important part of any project. If I were to repeat the project I would have not tried to make something so complex and stuck to what I knew, or I would have given myself more time to practice the necessary skills to finish the project.



Final Project: Game Trailer Animation


The goal of my project is to create a short 3D animated trailer for a game idea. The game idea in question is a 2.5D platformer called Abscond, and it is about two prison inmates (one human and one alien) working together to escape by way of fighting security and solving puzzles. The animation will highlight various gameplay elements using short clips of the main characters performing said elements. The trailer will also include an original soundtrack that will be synced to give the animation emphasis (the drum beat would match footsteps, for instance).

The main focus of the trailer is the two main characters. In the lore of the game, all inmates have their memories wiped upon being imprisoned, losing all of their identity in the process. Thus, the two main characters have monikers instead; The Big One and The Small One, respectively.

The Big One
The Big One

The Big One is a hulking, brutish toad-man who can tear through metal with his bare hands. He has a typically calm personality, but isn’t afraid to get rough when needed. His stocky form makes it difficult to manoeuvre beyond walking, running and punching, but with his partner at his side that’s all he needs to do.

The Small One

The Small One is a direct contrast to his counterpart. He is a short, athletic human with a hot head. What he lack in combat skills he makes up for in athleticism, as his small stature lets him move quicker and makes it easier for him to scale obstacles. Though he may only be good at running away, his wit and intellect help him overcome most problems in the way, and his partner is more that willing to use force for him if needed.

The design of each character is supposed to represent how the two inmates see each other. The Big One is seen by The Small One as a monstrous beast, hence the scarred face and crazy expression, while The Small One looks generic because The Big One finds it difficult to see the difference between humans.

The game is a side-scrolling 2.5D platformer, meaning it takes place in a 3D environment but on a 2D movement plane. The main focus of the game is teamwork, as the two main characters need to make use of each others skillsets to defeat their foes and escape. Thus, the trailer would need to focus on those attributes.


Abscond Trailer Storyboard 1

Abscond Trailer Storyboard 2

Abscond Trailer Storyboard 3

All character models, environments and props will be modelled by me and textured using royalty-free textures. The models and the animation will be made using Autodesk Maya and edited using Final Cut Pro. The soundtrack will be made using either Garage Band or FL Studio, depending on the accessibility of either program. If neither program is available, the soundtrack will be taken from an online source and will not be copyrighted.

Assignment 1: Character Design

Our first assignment was to design a character for a multimedia franchise i.e. a franchise that exists in various mediums and platforms. We were tasked with presenting this character using a single image. Within the story this character belongs to, they would be forced to make a decision, and the image of that character would need to depict that decision.

Assignment 4 Final Product

Product Profile

Cereal: Blueberry Beat

A blue blueberry-flavoured cereal that contains antioxidants to keep kids healthy, and gives them the energy they need to get through the day.

Mascot: Bounce Bunny

A trendy, cool DJ rabbit who loves to eat breakfast. He is the energetic mascot that introduces the kids to Blueberry Beats to get them energetic in the morning. His character was designed to be a typical cool character used in the media to appeal to a younger audience, as it is seen as what’s ‘hip’. However, his design was kept simpler to make it easier to market.

Bounce Bunny
Bounce Bunny, the mascot character for Blueberry Beats.




Assignment 4 Research


The Trix mascot is a white anthropomorphic rabbit that is always seen trying to trick kids so it can get their cereal, but ultimately fails following the slogan “Trix are for kids”. It technically never does anything “wrong” per se, so it is a suitable mascot for a kid’s cereal. The focus of the ad is the cereal’s flavours.

Coco Pops

The mascot character for Kellogg’s Coco Pops is Coco, a monkey wearing a blue hat and a white t-shirt with the word “coco” printed on the front. The key selling point of the advert is that the chocolate in the cereal affects the milk as well, effectively doubling as a breakfast and a source of chocolate milk. Another selling point is the activities on the back of the box, a staple feature of most kids cereal products. The activities tie in heavily with the story in the ads, so when a child that has been drawn into the story do the activity they feel that they are contributing to the characters.

Weetabix Chocolate

Weetabix doesn’t have a mascot character, but still advertises successfully to children. This ad in particular plays on Weetabix’s USP of wholegrain products giving people enough energy for the day, and presents it to kids through the use of professional dancing. The main character in this ad, the dancing girl, is able to perform an impressive dance after eating just a bit. This suggests to the target audience that such feats are capable when eating Weetabix.

Assignment 6 Research

Drax: The Cyborg Wars logo design

Since the game is styled like a Saturday morning cartoon and is sci-fi themed, I would envision it as parodying most sci-fi tropes. To fit this idea, the logo itself would mimic those of sci-fi shows and films from bygone days.

Here are a few examples of sci-fi logos:

Voltron: Defender of the Universe logo

Voltron: Defenders of the Universe (1984). Notice the multi-coloured logo. This was to fit with the show’s main cast, “Voltron Lion Force”, each of which had different colour themes. The text is also very angular, which matches Japan’s old idea of sci-fi robots being blocky.

Transformers logo

Transformers (1984). The red and silver colour scheme, as well as the Autobot insignia in the title, were designed to match Optimus Prime, the main Transformer protagonist of the series. It’s reflective appearance denotes shiny chrome, a common aesthetic in futuristic settings.

The Jetsons logo


The Jetsons (1962). While it hadn’t been explicably stated when the show was set, The Jetsons was still set in the future envisioned in the 1960s. Almost all depictions of the future, at least in the past, have sleeker designs, which explains why the logo for this show was so rounded out compared to the Voltron and Transformers logos.