Final Project Final Product and Evaluation

The goal of my project was to create a short 3D animated trailer for a game idea. The game in question was about two prison inmates (one human and one alien) working together to escape by way of fighting security and solving puzzles. The animation would highlight various gameplay elements using short clips of the main characters performing said elements. The trailer would have also included an original soundtrack that would have been synced to give the animation emphasis (the drum beat would match footsteps, for instance).

Due to poor time management, I started the project far too late to create an appropriate product. Cutting it down while keeping the quality was no longer an option, and it was far too late to change what the project would be. By the time I had considered what could be cut while still keeping to creating an animation, there was nothing that could be done to create a full product.

The character models were well made, and kept to the model sheets adequately. The form of each character was well defined and the polygon count was kept to a minimum, reducing the file size and making the rendering process quicker overall. As for the rigging, I had initially started with a custom

Overall the project was a failure. It was over ambitious, and I tried too many new things at once without giving myself enough time to experiment and get better acquainted with how everything worked. This experience has taught me that time management is the most important part of any project. If I were to repeat the project I would have not tried to make something so complex and stuck to what I knew, or I would have given myself more time to practice the necessary skills to finish the project.



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