Assignment 6 Research

Drax: The Cyborg Wars logo design

Since the game is styled like a Saturday morning cartoon and is sci-fi themed, I would envision it as parodying most sci-fi tropes. To fit this idea, the logo itself would mimic those of sci-fi shows and films from bygone days.

Here are a few examples of sci-fi logos:

Voltron: Defender of the Universe logo

Voltron: Defenders of the Universe (1984). Notice the multi-coloured logo. This was to fit with the show’s main cast, “Voltron Lion Force”, each of which had different colour themes. The text is also very angular, which matches Japan’s old idea of sci-fi robots being blocky.

Transformers logo

Transformers (1984). The red and silver colour scheme, as well as the Autobot insignia in the title, were designed to match Optimus Prime, the main Transformer protagonist of the series. It’s reflective appearance denotes shiny chrome, a common aesthetic in futuristic settings.

The Jetsons logo


The Jetsons (1962). While it hadn’t been explicably stated when the show was set, The Jetsons was still set in the future envisioned in the 1960s. Almost all depictions of the future, at least in the past, have sleeker designs, which explains why the logo for this show was so rounded out compared to the Voltron and Transformers logos.


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