Assignment 3: Skyline Video

The third assignment required us to create a 10 second video of a place in the local area, with the skyline replaced by a sci-fi setting. This would be done with the use of Final Cut Pro, a video editing software.

To create the video, we first shot the raw footage using a digital camera, kept steady on a tripod. We found a spot and shot the video, making sure that nothing passed in front of the skyline or the camera. Once that was done we opened up the video and took a screenshot. In Photoshop, we used selection tools such as the Polygonal Lasso Tool and the Quick Selection Tool to cut the sky out of the image. We then used the existing marquee to cut the same shape out of a shot of the Carina Nebula. Finally, we placed both the raw footage and the composite into Final Cut Pro and overlaid the composite. All that needed to be done was export the video as a QuickTime Video.

The final video came out okay. The composite was a bit rough because of the shape of the skyline, and the exposure can be seen around the edges. It was also uncropped, meaning it was over 30 seconds as opposed to 10.

Raw footage:

Raw image:


Composite Image:


Final video:


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