Assignment 2 Research


Soap is a toiletry product intended to cleanse one’s body of dirt for the sake of hygiene. This blog entry is to document the research of the advertisement and packaging of a soap product.

Summary: To create both a packing map and a visual advertisement for a soap product, made to appeal to a target audience of over 50s. The final products and all notes on research and development must then be uploaded onto a blog.

Focal Points

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Eco-friendly production
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Targeted at over 50s

Market Analysis


Dove is a toiletry brand that started in 1955 and has since become one of the leading soap manufacturers in the world. The iconography of Dove is the namesake bird, the dove, which is easily recognizable in their products. The connotations of a dove are somewhat complex, as it has developed greatly over many generations, though it is often associated with the idea of purity [1]. It has been represented in the Bible as the Spirit of God descending from heaven, such as with the baptism of Jesus. This represents purity, which fits in with toiletry products as a means of cleanliness.

In simpler imagery, doves are naturally white, and in many cultures white is considered the purest colour. This can also be seen with Dove products, as they are often coloured white too. Supposedly Dove soap contains ¼ moisturising cream which also connects with the dove iconography, as doves are known to nurse their young with milk.


Olay, another successful toiletry company, uses a simple logo too. It depicts the world ‘Olay’ with a stylized picture of a woman underneath. This is because Olay products are targeted primarily at a female demographic. The name Olay, originally Oil of Olay, was named after lanolin, a yellow wax-like substance that is a key ingredient in the product.





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